Get an Affordable Primary Care Physician

At Trailhead Clinics, our goal is to provide you affordable and reliable primary care physician in Grand Junction, CO.

A better choice for Direct Primary Care!

Experience the new healthcare! At Trailhead Clinics, everyone is royalty, we offer a personal doctor that gives you as many visits as you need.

Trailhead Clinics offers membership-based direct primary care physicians. Our sole priority is to provide extensive and compassionate primary care to all patients of all ages. With our membership-based clinic, insurance is not billed or needed at Trailhead Clinics.

Why is everyone turning to Trailhead Clinics?

  • Trailhead Clinics provides direct primary care to singles and families for one affordable monthly fee. There are no strings attached, just one simple fee every month.
  • We offer unlimited wellness and preventative care visits.
  • Trailhead Clinics can greatly reduce imaging, lab results, and screenings prices.
  • You can schedule urgent doctor care after-hours.
  • Not feeling well enough to come and see us? Our membership comes with house calls!
  • We don't treat our patients as a 15-minute appointment. Trailhead Clinics offers extended time to all members to ensure they have been thoroughly taken care of.
  • We offer personal primary care, you can schedule an appointment with an email, phone, or even text.
Here is a full list of services we offer?

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Our Primary Care Physician, Dr. Boyer has the highest regards in health and personal relationships. Dr. Boyer goal is to offer you a doctor's visit that doesn't treat patients as a just a number. We will take the time to get to know your situation and make a trip to the doctors as comfortable as possible.

Primary Care Physicians in Grand Junction CO

Selecting a primary care physician in Grand Junction is an important step in taking care of your health. We know that choosing a physician is an important choice and that is why we want you to choose Trailhead Clinics.


As there are a ton of normal options where pay insurance and only go to a normal clinic maybe once or twice a year. Trailhead Clinics is a new solution to healthcare. We offer a membership-package to provide medical care to you and your family. We believe healthcare should be accessed to all.

Our Doctors

Dr. Boyer has belief in that health is more than just coming into the doctor's office when you're sick. He believes the best way to treat disease is to prevent them from happening with healthy choices. Not only will Dr. Boyer give you the healthcare, he believes in helping patients make the right call when it comes to healthcare. He has been a certified family physician since 2013.

Dr. Kathy Howe is a family physician who loves to provide care for the whole family. Dr. Howe attended medical school at Des Moines University in the state of Iowa. She is certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Membership Info

At Trailhead Clinics, your membership will come with a wide-range of medical services with no additional fees or co-pay. You can visit us anytime with the expectation of great patient care, without any hidden fees or lab costs. We make sure that you are taken care of. We don't do wholesale, that way you can focus less on bills and more on life.

Membership Includes:

  • Annual Visits
  • Routine Office Visits
  • Same-Day Appointments
  • 24/7 Access to a Physician
  • Also discounts on imaging and labs